Please check the following before application is submitted:


____  Sponsor organization is in good standing with NMHC (e.g., prior recipients have submitted a final report and closed any previous grant).

____  Sponsor organization has scheduled and completed a consultation with NMHC staff after submitting a draft application.


____  Proposal assumes NMHC Grant Committee is unfamiliar with their organization or project.

____  Proposal respects all character/word count limits on narrative sections.

____  Proposal has been proofread carefully for clear, quantifiable language.

____  All supporting documentation is uploaded.

____  All required signatures are included.


____  Budget clearly illustrates how Sponsor plans to allocate NMHC funds and any additional resources (cash or in-kind) needed to implement the grant project.

____  Budgeted in-kind cost-share equals or exceeds NMHC funds requested.

____  Source and use of any anticipated project income are explained and listed by category.


____  Applicant/Sponsor Organization has reviewed Application thoroughly.

____  Project Director and Fiscal Agent have reviewed Instructions for Certifications before signing.

____  Applicant has printed a copy of the online application from the PDF tab for Sponsor Organization records.

NOTE: After Application deadline, no changes are possible.

Deadlines are deadlines – NO EXCEPTIONS!

Visit our grants management portal to create a profile and begin the screening and application process.

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