Getting Started

Students must use NHDWebCentral (found at , to build their websites. To begin, each student must create an account on Please refer to our instructional guides at on creating an account for a group website. Students should provide an email address when setting up the account, as that is the only way a password can be recovered if forgotten. For students under the age of 13, there will be additional steps to notify a parent or guardian about the creation of an NHDWebCentral account. A unique web address (URL) will be assigned to each entry. This is the URL that judges will use to access a website for judging. Students and teachers must keep this URL noted for reference.

Group Entries

All students working on that particular entry will use their own accounts to access the same website. Please note that when working on the website together, students should work on different areas of the site rather than the same page at the same time. Working on the same page at the same time could result in lost information for one or multiple students.

What if students and teachers have questions?

At NHDWebCentral , participants have access to a variety of resources to help them create their entries. These resources are are available either through the NHDWebCentral Help library or the NHDWebCentral Contact Us form. If participants still cannot find answers to their questions, they may contact their affiliate NHD Coordinator at or NHD staff at

NHDWebCentral Tools

The tools or elements within at NHDWebCentral are powerful and intuitive. These tools were designed to make website construction easy while also meeting the needs of more advanced users, who will find advanced editing tools and custom HTML features.

Site URL and 8-digit ID

When website entry accounts are set up at NHDWebCentral (, a unique URL is assigned. The URL will be formatted like this: 12345678 . The bold part of this example is the unique 8-digit ID for the website entry. Students and teachers should be sure to note this 8-digit ID because they will need to fill out this information when registering for the NHD contests.

Contest Registration and Judging

When registering for the NHD contests (regional, state/affiliate, or national), the Site URL and/or the 8-digit ID will be requested. Students should double check that they have entered this information correctly, as an incorrect URL could mean the judges will not be able to evaluate a website. During judging periods, editing capabilities on the websites will be locked. Once judging periods end, sites will be unlocked and those entries to advance can be modified before the next level of competition.

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Ask a Website Expert

Sage Wilks shares expert tips and tricks on developing a NHD website. 

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