What is NMHC?

Founded in 1972, the New Mexico Humanities Council is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the humanities to public audiences throughout New Mexico. The original name was "New Mexico Endowment for the Humanties (NMEH)"--the name was changed in 2004.

How is NMHC funded?

NMHC is funded through the National Endowment for the Humanities, the State of New Mexico's Department of Cultural Affairs, and private and corporate support. The Federal-State Partnership Office links NEH with a nationwide network of 56 humanities councils, located in each state, the District of Columbia and five U.S. territories - Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Northern Mariana Islands, American Somoa, and Guam. Each humanities council funds humanities programs in its own jurisdiction. The current grant from NEH meets about 40% of the total costs of NMHC activities while support from the State of New Mexico meets about 10% of NMHC total costs. The remaining costs are met with cash and in-kind contributions from other sources to include individual and corporate support.

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Who operates NMHC?

NMHC is governed by a 22-member volunteer Board of Directors. Five are appointed by the Governor of New Mexico and seventeen are elected. All members serve a three-year term. Board members reflect the population of our state. The Board sets policy, reviews grant applications, and oversees other programs conducted by NMHC. The NMHC staff administers the grants, organizes NMHC programs and projects, and promotes NMHC to the community.

What are
the humanities?

The humanities are the study of human culture with particular emphasis on the liberal arts; the cultural implications of the natural sciences, social sciences, and associated professions; and individual philosophic self-expressions. Within their traditional university setting, the humanities encompass and by no means restricted to the disciplines of: anthropology, archeology, comparative religion, ethics, fine arts, history, jurisprudence and philosophy. The humanities also include other interdisciplinary fields such as American Studies, Latin American Studies, Womens Studies, Native American Studies, and African American Studies. The most important public mission of the humanities is the improvement of the quality of civic discourse.

What does NMHC fund?

We seek out and fund quality humanities programs for presentation to public audiences throughout the state. NMHC supports projects through its grant program, funding grants for quality projects via non-profit organizations throughout the state. NMHC welcomes applications on any topic addressed from a humanities perspective. NMHC also directly conducts the Speakers Bureau Program and the New Mexico National History Day Program.

Can I get funding from NMHC?

NMHC funds a number of New Mexican organizations every year. If you are eligible, we will support your efforts and assist you with the application process. For applications--which include eligibility and guidelines--visit our grants page. NMHC does not generally fund performing or visual arts. 

Where can I see an NMHC program?

NMHC programs are generally free and open to the public. Check our events calendar to find programs near you -- there is almost always an NMHC-sponsored lecture/discussion panel or Speakers Bureau program somewhere in New Mexico.

I saw a wonderful Speakers Bureau program and would like to book one for our community. How do I do that?

Review the Speakers Bureau Booking Guidelines and follow the instructions provided.

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