NMHC’s New Blog: Open Call for Submissions 

The New Mexico Humanities Council is seeking contributors for its new blog! Let us take this opportunity to introduce Pasa Por Aquí – the NM Humanities Council’s online space for engaging in conversations on a wide range of topics.  Pasa Por Aquí is a platform for you to draw on humanities-related subjects of interest and other cool things that pique your curiosity -- whether it’s UFO Culture, the world of Lucha Libre, or contemporary issues at the local and national level. We all have something to say, something to share, and you’re invited to join us, whether as a reader or contributor.  It’s your online source for research, reflection, and learning, and it’s our hope that sharing your perspectives will spark robust conversations and mutual understanding.

Pasa Por Aquí will feature posts from a variety of contributors, including NMHC’s Executive Director, our board of directors, staff members and guest bloggers (that’s you!).  

We are inviting submissions on a variety of humanities-related themes, but we are particularly looking for contributors on the following two themes: 

Democracy and an Informed Citizenry.  Topics on American democracy, journalism and how an informed citizenry contributes to a healthy democratic society.  Submissions may address the historical emergence of democracy, constitutional foundations of a free press, philosophical tensions between First and Second Amendments of the U.S. Constitution, the critical role the humanities and journalism play in shaping opinions of citizens or media literacy.   

Examining and Deconstructing New Mexico’s Tri-Cultural Myth.  Submissions may deal with understanding of past and contemporary issues of race relations; patterns of migration; diverse voices that have emerged in New Mexico, and challenges to the widespread public belief that New Mexico’s history and cultural heritage consists of only three ethnic groups:  Native, Hispano and Anglo.  

Guest contributors who submit an article under either of these themes are eligible to receive an honorarium of $200.   

PDF with full submission guidelines »

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Submission Guidelines

Contributors will be given access to the NMHC website to write your contribution. The post can support images, links, and embedded media. When you are satisfied with the presentation, you will submit it for editorial review before going live.

  • You will edit your own work, but please note that NMHC reserves the right to further edit your submission. You will get notification when the post goes live.
  • Keeping in mind our digital audience, articles should be appealing to be read onscreen and include links, images, and/or embedded media. 
  • Make sure you have adequate permissions for any media you include with your submission. 
  • Understand that NMHC reserves the right to curate which images may be included on our website. If an image is problematic for copyright or other reasons, we will work with you to find an appropriate substitute.
  • The word count is flexible, but aim for 500 to 800 words. 
  • Keep your contributions as interesting and lively as possible.   
  • Include a brief (two- to four-sentence) bio at the end of your submission. A headshot is optional.  


  • Plagiarism warning:  The use of other people’s work is unacceptable and harmful to the reputation of the blog.  Responsibility for appropriate attribution and original work rests with the author. 
  • Please do not engage in advocacy, such as calls to support a specific action, buy a specific product, or support a specific candidate (e.g. you can say "vote," but not who to vote for).
  • Please keep your contributions constructive, avoiding hate speech, slander, and offensive language.

If you would like to consult about topic selection, you can forward your questions or suggestions to K. Michelle Quisenberry at  Please note, we accept submissions on a rolling basis and will post at our discretion.  NMHC reserves the right to accept or deny submissions.

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