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Preparing for Judging

This information is from NHD for the national contest. However, it is pertinent to the regional and state judging as well. Taking the time to look it over will better prepare you for doing the best job possible for our NM students. Thanks!

Code of Conduct

We are excited you are considering giving your personal time to assist with judging so students have the opportunity to showcase their research and cultivate a love of history. Our participants consist of young people, and we want to ensure they have the most positive experience possible while involved in the National History Day program and presenting their work. As such, we expect our judges to conduct themselves in a manner that positively contributes to their experience. When you agree to be a judge, you will sign this statement and agree to abide by this Code of Conduct.

  • * I will oppose at all times and protect young people from discrimination, oppression, harassment, abuse, neglect, and exploitation and will promptly report such conduct to the appropriate authorities.
  • * I will respect diversity, culture, and custom.
  • * I will not let my personal biases, beliefs, or interests cloud my judgment.
  • * I will allow students to use the interview as an opportunity to explain what they have learned and save my comments for the judging sheet.
  • * I will conduct myself in a professional manner during all events, refraining from the use of obscene or vulgar language, and will speak to all participants in a respectful manner.
  • * I will adhere to all appraisal, scoring and award procedures as outlined in official documentation and training.
  • * I will award places to the projects understanding that this is a learning process and that students have the opportunity to improve the work prior to the next contest.
  • * I will not use my position to seek personal gain or influence through the inappropriate use of information or abuse of my position.
  • * I will not engage in any activity that might create a conflict of interest.
  • * I will promptly report any illegal or unethical conduct to the appropriate authorities.
Retaliation against employees or volunteers who come forward to raise genuine concerns will not be tolerated.

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