Saving Ukrainian Heritage

2 May 2022

Imagine… heroes who appear when catastrophe strikes your country, threatening your cultural institutions. Rapid response teams of researchers who can help you save your collections and other data while aid organizations are busy saving lives. Just such a team, thousands strong, all ages and across the globe, has formed to support Ukrainian libraries, archives, and museums in the wake of the Russian invasion.

On this program we’re joined by Anna Kijas and Quinn Dombrowski, two of the founders of SUCHO, Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online. Anna is Head of the Lilly Music Library at Tufts University. Quinn is the Academic Technology Specialist in the Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages, and in the Library, at Stanford University.

Saving Ukrainian Heritage Ep 1: Data Rescue! 

Saving Ukrainian Heritage Ep 2: It Takes a Community 

Saving Ukrainian Heritage Ep 3: Open Source, Open Access 

Saving Ukrainian Heritage Ep 4: Origin Stories 

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