Mark Marino, Electronic Literature Organization

Mark Marino, Electronic Literature Organization

Leo Flores, Electronic LIterature Organization

Leo Flores, Electronic LIterature Organization

Electronic Literature

7 Mar 2022

Imagine…beautiful poems that never end. Books that are written for you, specifically, as you read them. Strangers collaborating to create nuanced stories with thrilling plots. These marvels, along with many other startling manifestations of electronic literature, may revolutionize how we think about reading and writing.

On this program we’re joined by Mark Marino and Leonardo Flores, both with the Electronic Literature Organization. Leonardo Flores is Chair of the English Department at Appalachian State University. Author and critic Mark Marino recently published Critical Code Studies at MIT Press, and produces crowdsourced literature with Meanwhile Netprov studios.

Electronic Literature Ep 1: Expression and Computation 

Electronic Literature Ep 2: Ethics, Trust & Funnels 

Electronic Literature Ep 3: Who's the Author & When Does It End? 

Electronic Literature Ep 4: Origin Stories, Getting Started 

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