Simon DeDeo

Simon DeDeo

David Kinney

David Kinney

Carrie Cowan

Carrie Cowan

Advanced Humanities Institute at SFI

4 Jan 2021

Join philosopher David Kinney, an Omidyar Postdoctoral Fellow at The Santa Fe Institute, and SFI External Professor Simon DeDeo, a cognitive scientist at Carnegie Mellon University who along with Carrie Cowan, SFI’s Director of Education, are leading a new effort called “Foundations and Applications of Humanities Analytics”, which seeks to help new humanities scholars study culture through computational tools and complexity science. This free program, starting in 2021, consists of an introductory online course and an in-person workshop.

Advanced Humanities Institute Ep 1: Humanities on a Non-Human Scale 

Advanced Humanities Institute Ep 2: Irreducible Objects 

Advanced Humanities Institute Ep 3: Teaching Computers to Pay Attention 

Advanced Humanities Institute Ep 4: No Math Required 

Have You No Humanities? »

Foundations and Applications of Humanities Analytics »

SFI's Complexity Explorer Online Learning Portal »

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